Why not Raw at Home?

Why not Raw at Home?

Just go to the fridge and cupboard, Get raw. What do you have to eat? Is the hot sauce raw?

Let’s see carrots, a shriveled up apple. Ew what’s this.? It is green, slimy smells. When was that raw.?

Well let’s go shopping. Are you hungry.? No. Well let’s go shopping. May be I will get hungry. Oh Look!! ” I love that stuff.”

Now I’m hungry.? Not Raw. Let’s eat and then see if they have anything RAW left later……Ooops I did it again.

Why no Raw at Home?

Maybe if I spend $250.// day to fly away and eat raw that will help. Wow. And in two weeks I will have;- $3000.00 less to spend on stuff that is: Not RAW:

What is Not Raw?

  • Fresh Canned Beans
  • Fresh Frozen Fruits (1/2 raw)
  • Organic Vegan Cookies
  • Raw Chocolate Beans (Eeww! Bitter)
  • Baby Spinach (Raw)

What is Not Raw?

When you go to a Raw Foods Retreat, you get to see what it is like to eat all sorts of uncooked Fruits, Veggies… Flavored to taste. You might even like it. But, I have become so accustomed to thinking stressed out self serving thoughts that all Raw is just too much raw.

What is Raw Foods Detox?

[Answer:] So much green juices and raw foods in proportions that cause you to eliminate toxic waste that has accumulated in your body. Can I eat Organic Vegan Cookies to medicate my; “stressed out self serving thoughts?” Yes. Is that Raw Food Detox? [No:] Oh boy, How Much Raw is TOO much Raw?

What is Raw Foods Detox?

Try a 10 day: Raw Foods Retreat...


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